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Welcome to Carpet Design. We have the largest selection of area rugs, oriental rugs and ceramic tile flooring, including carpet installation and carpet cleaning services. Custom designs for floors, carpets and rugs are our specialty. Find the best wall-to-wall carpeting, hardwood, ceramic tile, and natural and synthetic floor coverings. We also carry Oriental and Persian area rugs, ceramic tile, hardwood and vinyl flooring. Your choices are unlimited!

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Carpet Design offers carpet and rug dealer discounts and for wool rugs, tiles, ceramic antique rugs, runners, throw rugs, contemporary and modern carpet designs, indoor and outdoor flooring, laminate and wood flooring, as well as commercial, wholesale and carpet outlet prices. Find the lowest prices on carpets and rugs, guaranteed.

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Our inventory is regularly expanded and includes traditional and contemporary designs. Come visit us today! Our carpet store and carpet cleaners are committed to give you the best customer service. We invite you to browse the finest selections of carpets, rugs and flooring. We also provide professional carpet installation and carpet cleaning services.

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Find a large selection of oriental rugs from around the world. Runners for steps and halls are available and the designs are traditional to contemporary. We can customize a rug to your specifications, color, design and size. Master craftsmen using wool and silk will design a rug that adds a special touch to your floors and to express your style.

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  • The Authentic Handmade Oriental Rug …
    An authentic oriental rug is a handmade carpet that is either knotted with pile or woven without pile. These rugs normally come from a broad geographical region extending from China and Vietnam in the east to Turkey and Iran in the west and the Caucasus in the north to India in the south. People from different cultures, countries, racial groups and religious faiths are involved in the production of oriental rugs. Persian Carpets date back to the Bronze Age. Carpet weaving is one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture.

    The Carpet and Rug Production…
    Woven: A woven carpet is produced on a loom similar to woven cloth and capable of producing intricate patterns and designs. These carpets are normally the most expensive.
    Tufted: A tufted carpet is produced on a tufting machine using a single-colored or basic geometric patterns. Tufted carpets can be cut pile, loop pile or a combination of both.
    Needlefelt: A needlefelt carpet is produced by electrostatic attraction of individual synthetic fibers forming an extremely durable carpet, normally found where there is a lot of traffic.
    Hook: A hooked rug is a simple type of rug handmade by pulling strips of cloth such as wool or cotton through the meshes of a sturdy fabric such as burlap.
    Embroidery: An embroidered carpet is not formed on a loom. Their pattern is established by the application of stitches to a cloth base.

    The Carpet and Rug Fibers and Yarns…
    Wool: Wool has excellent durability, especially when blended with synthetic fibers, can be dyed easily. It is widely used in carpet production and is higher in cost
    Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic fiber that can be dyed and printed easily and has excellent wear characteristics, although they tend to stain easily.
    Polypropylene: Polymer is used to produce carpet yarns because it is cheap, although it is difficult to dye and does not wear as well as wool or nylon and tend to mat down quickly.
    Polyester: Polyester has good physical properties and is inherently stain-resistant, although it tends to crush or mat down easily. It is typically used in mid- to low-priced carpeting
    PTT: PTT is a variant of Polyester with more crush resistant, resilient fibers. It is easy to clean and stain resistant with resistance to mold.

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